Kinesio Taping® Workshops

Take one of our Kinesio Taping® classes and discover the original elastic therapeutic taping method, as it was designed to be used by its inventor, Dr. Kenzo Kase, DC.  This one day workshop will give you the foundations to use Kinesio® Tape safely and effectively.  




Why take our Kinesio Taping® Workshop?


• Learn support taping for many major joints in the body, as well as applications for muscle dysfunction and swelling.

• Regular Kinesio Taping® classes in Albuquerque offer you plenty of opportunity to add this valuable skill to your rehab tool kit.

• Whether you are an athletic trainer, massage therapist, personal trainer or coach, our certification will give you what you need to get started taping your clients and athletes right away.

• Follow up study groups will help you to trouble shoot, review techniques and ensure that your skills stay fresh.

• Earn the title Certified Kinesio Taping® Technician (CKTT®) upon completion.

• Continuing education hours are available for personal trainers and New Mexico licensed massage therapists.

Upcoming Classes

You are just one step away from being the go-to taping person for your community. Come learn the method that has changed the world of physical rehab, and be ready to increase your value as a practitioner!

2022 Upcoming Dates:

August 21st

Location: Albuquerque School of Healing Arts

9am-11pm  CKTT® Level 1

12-4pm  CKTT® Level 2



$65  CKTT® Level 1

$130  CKTT® Level 2

$185  Combined workshop discount  


Our Advantage

Classes are kept small to ensure thorough instruction and plenty of hands-on practice time. You will learn the scientific foundations behind the tape, as well as proper taping technique, including how to cut and prepare the tape, and proper tension lengths for each application.

From shin splints to tennis elbow.  From posture corrections to acute injury inflammation, what you learn in these workshops will prove effective and valuable to your practice..  Whatever your background, Kinesio® Tape amplifies the therapeutic benefits of your work.

Learn more about Kinesio® Tape and why our workshops are the best! 



Interview with Dr. Kenzo Kase

Watch Dr. Kase explain Kinesio® Tape in his own words.  




Where's the Evidence?

Dr. Kase and his international team of researchers and instructors constantly work to prove, scientifically, the effects of Kinesio® Tape.  Take a look at some of the many dozens of papers from decades of research.

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Kinesio ® Tape in the news

Kinesio ® Tape is the original tape of its kind.  See how practitioners all over the world are using this innovative method to support bodies on the mend..

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Want to go even further?

If you are an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or any other type of medical clinical professional, you can take more advanced training.  Consider taking a seminar and become a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP®)

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